Sanjay Srivatsa
Vice President - Food Ingredients, Life Sciences & Manufacturing Markets

Sanjay Srivatsa came to Solecta in early 2020 as Vice President - Food Ingredients, Life Sciences & Manufacturing Markets. He has a wealth of experience and an esteemed career beginning in marketing and sales, enabling Sanjay to start his own engineering firm, and most recently he was focused on Water, Energy and Food Safety strategies for leading Global producers in the Food and Beverage segments.

In his new role with Solecta, Sanjay will be working to “Co-Create” sustainable and disruptive applications of leading-edge membrane technology for customers.

During his career, Sanjay has accumulated several awards including Marketer of the Year, All Pro status for sales achievement, District Salesman of the Year as well as Chairman’s Club awards.

Sanjay has multiple degrees, earning a Masters in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and has completed an Executive MBA course from the University of Chicago. He has maintained a strong affiliation with his Graduate School, supporting the Alumni Association, helping and coaching young minds. For his work in facilitating a remote campus in Bangalore, India, Sanjay was awarded the International Alum of the Year in 2004.

During his free time Sanjay enjoys composing music, producing and public speaking. His favorite quote comes from Robert Frost: “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep.”


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