Doug Johnson
Director of Operations

When you need someone with an innovative perspective to oversee Solecta’s manufacturing operations, Solecta calls on Doug Johnson, the Director of Operations.

The secrets to success, according to Doug, are consistency and having predictable operations. These are also the keys to driving customer satisfaction. At Solecta, we strive daily to deliver the right products to meet customer expectations, and Doug’s leadership drives this philosophy within Solecta.

His background includes having earned a Batchelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Reno Nevada, and more than twenty years’ experience in Global Supply Chain and Operations.

His management philosophy is to treat all staff with respect and to drive for operational excellence; reaching the team’s goals also means delivering on customer expectations.

One of Doug’s mantras is, “Make It Happen” because in so many situations taking initiative is the difference in success vs failure.


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