Aaron Hart
Market Manager, Starch, Sweetener, and Bioproducts

As a lifelong learner, Aaron brings his deep level of technical experience and manufacturing process experience to Solecta. He has a BS and an MS in Chemistry and has worked in the filtration and separation industry for over 20 years. He brings not only a great understanding of the industrial chemistry with him, but also a deep familiarity of customer business needs as well.

He is a ‘doer’ and according to Aaron that means talking with customers to get a broad and deep understanding of their process, their competition, and their market so he can direct Solecta product and service offerings to develop the right value that meets their needs. He enjoys meeting customers and building relationships with them so he can truly be a business partner with them; maximizing their ability to capture business opportunities.

Aaron has the same approach in his work and personal life with a desire to be a lifelong learner. Summarized well by his favorite quote from Linda Richardson, “The right questions are as powerful as the right answers and sometimes more so.”

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